3 years ago

New Feature! Questions and posts!

Hi there!

After quite some work we can finally announce the release of our latest feature:

User posts and users questions!

You can ask questions about any skincare related subject, post about anything skincare related or go a bit off-topic - fine as well!

We just wanted to provide a way to communicate between users of our platform since quite a few of you have reached out to us asking for advice and we thought it would be most beneficial if we could answers these questions publicly.

Of course this feature is in an early stage so expect some hiccups here and there.

If you have any ideas on this feature or about the website in general please let us know in the comments below! Feedback is always very welcome.

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Feedback for this website: users being able to create a skincare profile would be a huge asset. This could include skin type, complexion, current concerns, etc. That way(well, so many things become possible!), certain products based on their specific needs can be recommended or displayed for users to see and review.


Also hello by the way! I am a consultant for small businesses/individuals on social media marketing/brand building/clientele growth etc. So this was just a suggestion as I immediately searched for where to fill out my “skin profile”. Another thing is: when people post a question or whatever, you have tags that they can click such as “acne” or “sensitive skin” or “bad reaction”or “l-ascorbic acid” and they can select all that apply to their post. That way (with some work by your website developers/programmers) users can see posts that are relevant to their specific interests/needs/similarities :)


Thank you for your feedback!

For the start we wanted to keep it as simple as possible so the hurdle is as small as possible to post, but as soon as it gets to crowded we'll definitely add tags/categories.

Regarding skin type: That is definitely a very interesting thought I guess it would make sense to release this feature as soon as we add proper reviews to the website, so it is easy to see if the reviewers skin type correlates with mine. And on that wagon we can expand the usage.

What are you looking for when you are checking reviews? Do you care more about structured replies filtered by skin type or would you prefer a text review?


It's finally done!


you can explore posts by tags now!


I really like this addition to the website! Good Job!


Thank you!