EDS and Irritation


Having a genetic abnormality like EDS which affects connective tissues, mucus membranes and skin means irritation is a huge issue.

EDS can also come hand in hand with allergies, mast cell activation issues, dermatitis and several forms of eczema.

To make it worse, these can change overnight. We seem to develop allergies and drop them all the time, some being a minor irritation others up to full blown anaphylaxis.

It’s not just what we eat or wear, either. Some of us can be irritated by our own bodily fluids, causing the skin to delaminate and fill with a fluid that is massively irritating. This is a type of eczema called pompholyx, and your skin sloughs off your hands and feet when it gets bad.

To prevent issues with skincare or makeup I recommend keeping all products as simple as possible. No perfume, nothing complicated, single ingredients to help you isolate irritants and what works for you easier.

And, of course, repeated spot testing in the crook of your elbow.

If you already have a non-irritating routine, that’s great. But tomorrow it could cause an issue, or a formula might be changed, a product removed from the market. Or you may notice that your skin has changed and you want to address a new issue. Either way you need to know how to build a new routine from scratch that is suitable for EDS skin.