KIKI Health - Marine Collagen Beauty Blend Powder

KIKI Health Marine Collagen Beauty Blend Powder

  • Moisturizing
  • Anti-aging
  • collagen
  • hyaluronic acid
62 /100
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Formula review

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What does the product description say?
"7,500mg of pure marine collagen (per serving) is supercharged with natural vitamin C (37% recommended intake per serving)."
WIMJ summary

This product does not contain ingredients that are able to reduce fine lines and wrinkles or help with skin elasticity, but it can improve the look of the skin temporarily through moisturization. Well-moisturized skin might also be able to repair the sun damage better.This ingredient - hyaluronic acid - could be helpful for preventing or repairing signs of aging in theory, but there is no evidence that it actually works.

Ingredient Effectiveness Concentration Irritancy
meets threshold
See a mistake?
What does the product description say?
"Supercharged with natural vitamin C, organic acai powder and the heroic skin-beautifying hyaluronic acid ."
WIMJ summary

This product contains good ingredients to attract water to the upper layer of the skin. These ingredients are called "humectants": hyaluronic acid.

When humectants are on the surface of the skin, they “pull in” the moisture from the outside environment, or from within deeper layers of the skin. If the air is dry, humectants can speed up the moisture loss from the skin. This is why it is a good idea to use another product on top of this one to help "seal in" the moisture (look for ingredients like dimethicone, squalane, oils and butters).

Ingredient Effectiveness Concentration Irritancy
meets threshold
meets threshold

Potential irritants

Ingredient Irritancy Skin Benefit
myrciaria dubia fruit extract
Has skin benefit

Ingredients by volume

Ingredient Estimated concentration
Cannot penetrate the skin barrier so is not particularly useful in skincare products
23% - 35%
7% - 10.5%
A plant extract that might help neutralize free radicals in skin, but research on its effectiveness is lacking
4.6% - 6.9%
The ingredient is not recognized
One of the best moisturizing ingredients. Attracts water into the upper layer of the skin. Naturally present in skin. Typically has large molecule size unless advertised otherwise on the product label. Helps support skin's barrier function and may help to reduce inflammation
2.8% - 4.3%

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