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avatar Chloe
9 Nov 2020

Misinformation has been a hot topic in many industries recently, and it certainly applies to the beauty industry as well. It’s so easy to go on Tik Tok and be spoon fed information without double taking. Or when you go on YouTube you’ll likely fall in the rabbit hole of binge watching videos from an influencer. Or even more subtle, on the explore page of instagram you’ll see a 10 second video on why you should apply lemon juice to your face, and one month later see a lemon on your fridge and think “why not” without remembering (where)/(from who) you got the tip. A mountain of information can seem wonderful, but information ≠ facts. Critical thinking has always been a valuable skills, and it’s important to keep it at the forefront of your mind when going through social media. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Is your source ok with being wrong or corrected? Or do they portray everything as black & white?

Do they have any professional training? Or are they just sharing a personal 'hack'?

Are you following one influencer's word as gospel, or do you follow multiple people from different fields/ with different points of view?

Did you research the trend you're about to try?

Do they cite any sources? This may not sound 100% skincare related, but with the amount of influencers and resources out there, it’s crucial to know how to navigate through it. How do you question your content on social media?👇

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