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avatar Chloe
9 Nov 2020

Why care about whether your skin reaction stems from an allergy or irritant reaction? Because the course of action is different in either case. If you have a suspected irritant reaction, one of your best shot is to go on a product-elimination diet (developed by Dr. Sandy Skonicki): you stop using your old products and switch to non-irritating, low-allergenic products. Then, once your rash/ irritant reaction has cleared up, you can begin reintroducing one product from your old skincare regimen at a rate of one per week🤍

If you have a suspected allergic reaction, you need to see a dermatologist and do patch testing which can be tedious and inconvenient. Nonetheless, while you wait for the results to come through, you can go on the product-elimination diet to help you avoid potential allergens. You will also need to avoid the ingredient at all costs.

This is not medical advice, solely a point of view to expand your horizons on how to approach your skin reaction

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