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Skincare Minimalism System

18 May

Skincare minimalism is an approach to skincare that advocates for a careful selection of skincare steps, products, and ingredients. Only those with solid scientific evidence backing their effectiveness are included in a minimalist skincare regimen. This results in a skincare routine that is easy to follow, does not take much time out of your day, and does not need to be expensive.

Skincare minimalism does not mean not using skincare products. It means using only the products that work. Each ingredient in an ideal skincare minimalist product has a clear purpose. No ingredients are added for “decoration” only, this is why a minimalist skincare prefers products without fragrance, colorants, and any ingredient that lacks solid evidence for a skin benefit. This approach respects the skin as an organ of our body that performs many vital and complex functions on a delicate balance. We should avoid interfering with the natural balance of our skin as much as possible, and avoid exposing it to ingredients that do not have a clear purpose.

Our mission at WIMJ is to help you craft a minimalist skincare routine that works. We’ve created a system that can help you create your own minimalist skincare routine. A minimalist skincare routine includes 3 types of skincare steps (and products that go along with the steps).

  • Essentials  - needed for any age, skin type, or skin condition. Essentials include:

    • Sunscreen.

    • Cleanser.

    • Moisturizer.

  • Target treatments  - steps & products that address needs that are unique to your skin at any given time. These, for example, include acne treatments, products with ingredients that target signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and clogged pores. The target treatments can come in different product formats - for example, a serum, lotion, gel, or cream. What makes them target treatments is the presence of active ingredients that are proven to be effective for a particular skin concern. If you are happy with the state of your skin, you probably do not need any target treatments, and your skincare routine should consist of the essentials only.

  • Helpers  - steps & products that have a benefit for your skin, but are not required to achieve your skin goal. These are optional in any skincare routine. They include ingredients that are helpful, but cannot bring about powerful results on their own. When it comes to ingredients, this category includes most antioxidants and plant extracts with some evidence of effectiveness in skin (for example green tea, licorice root, grape seed extracts).

We do not recommend choosing products based on traditional “skin types”, and rather focus on what your skin needs in a particular moment in time. What is usually understood by “skin type” is simply the degree of oiliness of our skin. “Oily” skin can share the same needs that “dry” or “combination” skin has (and this is certainly the case when it comes to the basic needs like sun protection and cleansing). Still, skin oiliness matters when it comes to textures: people with oilier skin tend to prefer lighter textures or temporary oil-absorption (“mattifying” effect). We simply find that reducing skin to a “type” based on oiliness only is not helpful for most people.


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