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Sensitive Skin - What is it?

avatar Chloe
9 Oct

You see the term everywhere, but what does it mean? And why do people have it? 

Dermatologists haven’t come to a consensus as to how to define it, but it means that the external environment causes the skin of sufferers to feel extra sensitive. So if your skin frequently gets irritated from over-the-counter skincare products or even fabrics like wool, or if you just have itchy, burning skin frequently or intermittently, then you probably have sensitive skin

There are two different pathways which can lead to sensitive skin:

🔸Pre-existing conditions: Rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic eczema

🔸”Invisible irritations”: Habits of modern society such as overcleansing, using too many different products and using those products too frequently

Both come from a compromised skin barrier function + compromised microbiome - the outermost layer of skin, has “holes” in which allowing stuff to get in that shouldn’t, causing a reaction

(Information from Dr. Sandy Skotnicki’s, (@drsandyskotnicki) “Beyond Soap.”, whom we have the pleasure to work with)

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