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Tret/masking purge

avatar allgoldscale
21 Jun

I have been on tretinoin 0.05% consistently for about 6 weeks. My skin was mostly clear, and I decided to try this for anti-aging purposes. Since then, I have had significant purging, on the upper left of my forehead, T-zone, and around my mouth (also very dry in mouth region). A few spots on my cheeks/mouth more recently, I think due to masking.

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User maria commented 23 Jun ago
Thank you so much for sharing! One tip that could help - apply a moisturizer first in the mouth area (where the skin is most dry), and then tretinoin. Tretinoin will still get into the skin, but at a slower rate, and it will help reduce the irritation.
User Chloe commented 25 Jun ago
Hi allgoldscale! Thank you for sharing <3 Maybe use a moisturizer with ceramides to help reduce the irritation?

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