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11 Jun 2020

Late May, tennis superstar Venus Williams teamed up with Credo Beauty to create a mineral sunscreen collection. She is known for helping make her sport a more inclusive space for people of colour, especially black women, a task she also took to heart when creating her first beauty product 🎾 🥂

Historically, sunscreens have been known to leave an especially visible white cast or ashy finish on people of colour. This gap is slowly being filled by both small and larger companies -- with a sunscreen being the number 1 product of any routine, it’s important that the skincare industry to caters to everyone!🌏

The EleVen by Venus x Credo collaboration launched 2 products: the On-The-Defense Sunscreen SPF30 and the Unrivaled Sun Serum SPF 30. We’ll focus on the latter☀️

The product has a minimalist formula that essentially contains a uv filter (zinc oxide), oils. It is also advertised as silicone-free. Note: Contrary to popular belief, silicones do NOT suffocate your skin or cause acne - they form a breathable film on your skin and promote a silky feel on your skin + allow for a nice application of makeup afterwards💄

BUT - Please don’t forget to apply a good amount of product. The light texture makes it easy to spread the product into a thin layer, but a good level of sun protection is very important!🤩

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