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My Skin Journey

avatar Chloe
29 May

Hello! Let me introduce myself: I’m Chloé and I work with What’s In my Jar 👋🏼I am about to graduate with a degree in Biomedical Sciences, but my focus was Neuroscience, so I never particularly focused on skincare (until I got so obsessed with it that I decided to do my thesis on the microbiome and skin ageing this year🔬)

Like many of you, I have an acne journey. It started 3 years ago out of nowhere when I started university. I didn’t know why my skin was acting up and I didn’t know who to turn to because I thought my condition wasn’t severe enough to see a doctor. I had a preconception that acne was only related to poor hygiene which led me to over-exfoliate, pick at my skin, grow increasingly paranoid about each new blackhead or pimple, and be very hard on myself. It took me 2 years to go see a dermatologist...when my confidence was at an all time low. And it took me an extra year to finally feel equipped to take care of my acne on my own - phew, took a while!

Fastforward to today, there are three main things I wish I would’ve known:

🔹Ke kind to your skin and to yourself, people pay less attention to your skin than you think. I am now much more forgiving of each pimple and “imperfection” because I am confident in my understanding of the skin barrier and its cycle + skin has TEXTURE 💟

🔹How to find proper and easy access to skincare information. I love this “skincare meets science” community - its positivity has been empowering and I am grateful for each and every one of you for sharing your journeys. However, there are thousands of people who are struggling with similar journeys without guidance, access to the right information, or a supportive community which is why I am now so committed to WIMJ. Skincare shouldn’t have to be tedious and confusing💪🏼

🔹Cosmo articles are not a good resource for skincare🙃

I am passionate about connecting with people and skincare science, and so I’m grateful to combine both and call this my job. Our minimalist skincare philosophy has been my North Star, and I hope it will be yours too ⭐️ 

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