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Tarte Baba Bomb Moisturizer Formula Review

28 May

We are seeing a surge of searches for this product on our website, and I thought I'd type a quick formula review.

Great things about this product:

  • No fragrance

  • Lovely packaging

  • Good basic moisturizing formula with humectants (sodium hyaluronate) and emollients (silicones mostly do the job, with addition of olive oil and tiny amounts of avocado oil).

Less positive sides of the product:

  • I love a basic no-frills moisturizing formula, but the price tag ($40) for this one seems a bit much. For this price, I'd expect at least some "more advanced" ingredients like ceramides, niacinamides, peptides.

  • It clearly includes so called "claim ingredients": ingredients that are added in tiny amounts (so tiny that the compounds do not have a chance to do anything good for the skin), with the only purpose of spinning a nice marketing story around the product. In this case we are talking about avocado oil and anti-oxidant extracts (green tea extract and ginseng saponins).

Overall, it's good basic moisturizer for someone who already has a happy skin with a healthy skin barrier and doesn't mind spending a bit of extra $$ on a well-designed packaging.

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