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I Once Believed a Good Acne Routine Meant Fighting Acne

avatar Charlotte
24 May

That’s what we are so often advised to do.  Beat it back, stay ahead of it.  Be consistent and stick with it – it’s going to be a while.  Yet, “a while” became a consistent part of life for 15 years.


I adapted to fit what I assumed was just how my skin was.  I didn’t just choose clothes I liked; I chose clothes that covered my acne. Foundation became both a mask + sense of safety I was afraid of taking off.  (If I didn’t like what I saw, why would others?)


Defenses constantly up, approaching skin care was all about things I could use to tackle acne. Deep clean, exfoliate, reduce oiliness, dry out a breakout. Avoid oils you will only add to the problem.  At one time, I was advised to avoid moisturizer, too.


What I didn’t know was these traditional acne approaches are actually quite aggressive.


It may work for those with a highly resilient skin type, but not all of us.  We are not one size fits all.  If acne were that simple, it would be much easier to treat.


It took a bad breakout that wouldn’t subside + had no apparent cause for me to question things.  Half thinking I was exploring a dead end, I cobbled together a list of anything believed to cause acne or irritation.  Using a set of products that lacked these, I only used them + waited.


Three days later, my skin began to visibly clear.  A week and a half later, I was healing with very few new pimples.  My skin was stabilizing without the usual acne treatment.


That’s when I realized what I was primarily experiencing was irritation + skin clogging ingredients.  Can I get acne? Sometimes.  But most of what I was experiencing was due to products.

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User maria commented 25 May ago
I can so much relate to this story. I couldn't believe for a long time that the very products I am using to help my skin were hurting it. The brand marketing these days is so good with building an emotional connection with a skincare product that it almost becomes an issue of cognitive dissonance to think that it can be the problem, not a solution. Good job on breaking out for the loop, and thank you so much for sharing your story! <3

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