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Personal Skincare Advice Service

$30 for 6 months of service

Renews every 6 months. Cancel anytime

checkmark Personal chat based consultation following Dr. Skotnicki's guidelines
checkmark Focus on maintaining healthy skin microbiome & barrier function
checkmark Minimalist approach to skincare: our routines work with minimal amount of products and can be tailored to any budget
checkmark All interactions with you are supervised by a human
checkmark 2 personal chat-based follow-up consultations
checkmark Unlimited check-ins and your questions answered on demand
checkmark We’ll return your money if you are not happy with the service

Endorsed by Dr. Sandy Skotnicki

“My expertise in skin irritants is one of the reasons I became involved in What’s In My Jar. The goal is to help people create skincare routines that work and won’t irritate their skin”

Dr. Sandy Skotnicki

Practicing dermatologist, founding director of the Bay Dermatology Centre, author of the bestseller Beyond Soap.

Customer Feeback

"I really enjoyed my consultation with WIMJ. They helped me find the problems in my skincare routine. Thanks to them, my skin barrier healed, so my skin sensitivity is gone! They also introduced me to awesome ingredients to help with my other concerns and they answered my questions.

It is a very professional service with a minimalist approach, which is beneficial to everyone."


“I have followed WIMJ recommandations and can already see significant improvements! My skin is no longer oily during the day and I have noticed less blackheads."


*"I’ve learned so much

during my WIMJ

consultation. I was recommended more effective and surprisingly more affordable products. My skin is better and my routine is shorter”*